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PON-Welpen - PON-Züchter im PON-Club e.V. VDH/FCI

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Welcome our PON-Friends

You are visiting this page because you are looking for more information on the PON (Polish Lowland Sheepdog) breed or perhaps you already own a PON and would like to get in touch with other PON lovers or maybe you are interested in even acquiring a PON puppy yourself.

Perhaps you need some advice on the training or nutritional aspects of PON ownership or you just want to get to know other PON owners? To go on a stroll together? Participate in an event? Or to buy a present for a PON friend, a tasty treat for the pet or perhaps you would like to have something nice for yourself with a photo of your dog on it?
If this is the case then please do find some time to browse through this PON Club e.V. homepage.

Take A Look!

We're Pleased To Meet You

The PON Club invites you to learn more about this wonderful dog breed. Discover more about the Polski Owczarek Nizinny (short PON), these cuddly companions, their lovable nature, their origin.

As the promotional society for Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, we represent your point of contact for all PON lovers and for those interested in PON breeding and training.

For more than thirty years it has been our declared objective to promote both the development of healthy breeding and the preservation of breed character stability.
This is achieved by conscientious and loving family breeders where the emphasis is on optimum puppy socialisation and character forming. Information on our puppies is available to you in the PON Club. By contacting our puppy procurement helpline we can offer you all the advice which you would need.

Do browse through our homepage and take time to read about the many PON Club events and meetings taking place in the various German regions over the course of the whole year; wander around our PON shop where you will find the latest PON articles. On our homepage you can also find extensive information on the PON breed and their care together with a listing of our diligent breeders.

We also offer many club activities where everyone is welcome, irrespective of whether or not you have breeding or training ambitions.

We provide for our members:

Membership meetings, great PON weekends where members come from all quarters to help shape club policy. Attractive free time programs are offered, for example a talk or dog training exercises and much, much more.

Our annual PON Day (PON Summer Festival)
The highlight of the year is the special PON Club e.V. Breed Show with VDH (The German Kennel Club) and Club Champion Canditature, a superb event with sports activities, games, demonstrations, Mega Tombola, refreshments and much more. All in all, a great day out for the whole family and their pets.
Organised walks and meetings near you.

Once annually "Training With/For The PON"
With qualified trainers: The ideal combination of fun with the dog and a holiday into the bargain.
Our Club Magazine "PON-Aktuell"

Comes out three times year. This periodical includes topics of stimulating and current interest and much valuable information relevant for all PON friends.
Talks and training for our members.
The VDH runs canine seminars in which PON Club members can participate.
We would be delighted to welcome you as a PON Club member if you feel that the foregoing is of sufficient interest to merit your support.

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